segunda-feira, 4 de outubro de 2010

The red liquid

The sunlight burns his eyes and suddenly he is pulled from his dream. He hears the noises of the city. Cars, people walking, construction workers, noises he hears everyday, but none of them make any sense. He smells smoke and cheap coffee. He is hungry.

He gets up and starts walking slowly towards the entrance of the alley. From the point of view of the people passing by he is just another homeless person living in some alley in New York City, but they can never imagine what goes on in his mind. He steps into the street and sees lots of people walking, talking to each other, getting on with their lives. His hunger starts to grow.

He starts walking, uncertain of where he is going. The sun is bright and his eyes burn like hell. He walks slowly, looking at everyone around him, but he doesn't know what he is looking for. Someone bumps into him and yells something, but those noises mean nothing to him. He just keeps walking, like his life depends on it.

After a little while he stops in front of a little playground, where some children play. He looks at them for a while, and some images starts to pop up inside his head. He is confused, although he feels familiar with those images. A child playing with some toy cars, and a man and a woman looking at him, smiling. He almost knows who that little boy is, but finds it hard to recall. The man and the woman also look familiar, but he is not sure of who they are. Suddenly, the little boy gets up and starts running towards the man, but he trips and falls to the ground, hurting his hands. He starts crying while looking down at his hands, and a red liquit starts dropping from the wounds. Suddenly he comes back to reality and notices he is looking down at his hands, which are covered in scars.

The red liquid. His hunger grows.

He starts to walk again, a little faster this time. He is looking for something, but is not sure of what it is. His mind is tormented by those images. The red liquid dropping from the little boy's hands, he can almost smell it. He walks for a while when he sees a group of people gathered in the middle of the street. He walks towards the group and tries to look at what caught their attention.

There was a car stopped in the middle of the street and two bodies inside, both shot to death.

Suddenly some disturbing images start to flash before his eyes. The little boy enters a room and finds the man and the woman lying on the floor, covered in that red liquid, their eyes opened, their skin white as snow and their touch cold as the night. The little boy starts to scream and cry, and after a few seconds everything goes black.

He comes back to reality and feels disturbed. He starts to run away from that scene, run away from the slaughered parents and the screaming boy, but they keep chasing him. They keep coming after him, like he is a part of that image. Suddenly he sees a woman enter an alley all by herself. His hunger cannot be held back anymore.

He follows her into the alley, and when she notices him, she starts to run. He runs after her and eventually catches her. She starts screaming and tries to get something inside her purse, but he is faster then her and throws the purse away. He throws her towards the wall and she starts crying and saying something, but he doesn't hear anything. He can only hear the voices inside his head, telling him to rip her appart. He starts walking towards her as she begs for her life, and when she finally looks into his eyes she understands that not even God himself can save her. That man is the personification of death itself. She starts praying.

He grabs her by the shoulders and she tries to fight back, scratching him with her finger nails. He bites her in the arm and she starts bleeding. The smell of blood excites his nostrils and when he tastes it, his hunger finally gets out of control. He grabs her and bites her neck, tasting the blood as it sprays out. The wall slowly turns red and her screams get weaker, until she closes her eyes and stops fighting back. He lets go of her and she falls. She was dead before hitting the ground. He watches her lifeless body for a little while, tasting the blood. He starts walking towards the entrance of the alley. The sunlight burns his eyes and he is pulled of what might have been a dream. His hunger is quenched.

For now.

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